Last Words

As the last day comes near, I am going to say a few things about the class. It has been a wonderful semester with everyone. Despite some hardships, I am glad to be in a class that is full of caring students and its professor. I hope to see you again in other classes in the future.

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2D Design Project The Final!


Here it is ladies, gents and anyone else, the end of the line. conflicting color was used to make the piece seem erratic (the green and orange), and lines also helped this, with their zig-zag shape. The entire picture plane was used according to guidlines, and negative shapes are relatively simple parallelograms. The piece is very asymmetrical, nothing is centered straight in the middle or mirrored. A lot of the elements lead the eye into the spiral in the top right, everything bends toward it and also are all pointed at it. The spiral is the primary focal point, as it is placed in an important spot according to the Rule of Thirds and has the most visual conflict, with the very bright white dots on top of the generally dark green color. The colors are considerably cool, and the only complimentary colors used are blue and orange.

The emotion that was meant to be conveyed was nervousness. I tried to express this with the general green and blue palette, zig-zag shaped lines and heavy use of the repetition of shapes and lines. I do believe this piece has used the principles of organization at least once, but probably missing better use of complimentary colors (more orange). I did botch up the tape removal, making the paper a bit scratchy on some parts, and I do believe I can add more to make the entire piece feel more “nervous” (add more squiggly lines).

2D Design Project 8: Color Schemes (Not any of the Nefarious Kind)

This one was a doozy. My monochromatic color was purple (Right), which has the best amount of contrast on its different values, from the bright lavender to the deep, dark violets. My analogous colors were purple, blue and green (Middle), and it all comes together with purple being the darkest color, blue being the middleman and green the brightest. My complimentary colors include purple and yellow (Left), yellow is naturally the brightest color, which really makes the purple pop out. For painting, I finally learned to wet the brush before putting the color down, because that way, it covers more ground without getting scratchy.

2D Design Project 6: Texture


The next (and quite messy) project involving the things we touch, texture.  I was given the 4 words, “Triangle”, “Implied Line”, Aggressive” and “Twist-Ties”. The focal point is the empty space in the top left, shaping a triangle, kinda. All the twist-ties lead from the bottom right to the tippity-top of the top left. The triangles made with pen are made to give a broken glass feel.

2D Design Project 5: Directional Dominance


Project the fifth. The focal point is the empty square just askew from the middle to the right, with the “tubes” all going towards it. The background creates a bit of directional conflict as it is all unified and going vertical, unlike the other lines. Said vertical lines also help shape out the outlines of the “tubes” with implied lines. I guess it could use a few more “tube” lines? Other than that, I like how this piece came out.


Just went back to fix up all the previous posts to meet class standards. Also included the missing project post. Check it out!