About the Duder


Hello folks! My name is Alden Viens, and I reside in Putnam Valley of New York.

I don’t drive yet, so I rely on my brother and my mother for transportation, and it usually takes about 30 minutes to get to college and back, depending on the traffic.

I am not very bilingual.

People who I know have a college degree include both of my parents and a few cousins.

Some things I’ve done that I’m proud of include making good friends, get passed elementary through high school, and progress as I draw.

In my free time, I usually lounge around drawing, playing video games, browse social media, cook and bake.

Something I like about college is how much more lenient it is compared to regular school. I have a larger amount of homework than I usually would, but I don’t feel pressured at all since its usually due weeks at a time!

Something I dislike about college is the amount of walking, combined with all the full parking lots, hoo boy..

Other courses I’m taking include Algebra, Drawing and Writing and Research

I chose to enroll in this class to widen my understanding of graphic design.

Three adjectives that best describe me include aspiring, outgoing and caring.